Creative trends for your display counter

If you are in need of custom display counters in Bangalore for your business, you might be wondering how you can make your storefronts stand out. Choosing some unique configurations for your food counter display can make sure that your business is unique as well as extremely comfortable for your customers. 

At Climaire INC, we specialize in the installation of a wide range of custom display counters in Bangalore. From pastry display counters to product displays, we handle it all. As a team of professional designers and manufacturers it’s our goal to make sure our clients are working with modern configurations and technology. When we approach display counter design its with the goal of future proofing what we offer to our clients. We are always designing 5 years in the future.

If you are  in need of a new display counter in Bangalore and you want to install something striking, here are some creative trends in countertop display design that you could choose for your own business:

A minimalist design:

We can create minimalist design counter displays which can be the perfect way that you can introduce a number of luxury items. Organizing your display and keeping it relatively clutter free can make sure that your customers can quickly make selections or even see items that you would consider to be luxury. This can increase your sales by making sure that customers are coming in and making quick decisions based off of what they see in your display counter.

Catchy decorations:

A display counter that also comes with top-quality designs and snappy colors can immediately draw the eye. A branded display counter that is modern, fresh and updated can attract customers. Some of the best display counters in Bangalore will celebrate various themes and be tied in with the branding for your company. As a display counter can be a main focal point at the point of sale, the colors and the design that you choose can mean a lot for sales conversion. We can design your display counters with the best in modern color palates and more.

Efficient and effective lighting:

The latest countertop displays utilize effective lighting that can make your products look their best. Our display counters can introduce highlight lighting to display your products and create the perfect ambience. We can work with soft hues, brightness as well as colored lights to make sure that you can cultivate the perfect experience for attracting your customers.

Quality glass:

The quality of glass is paramount with any display cabinet technology. The best glass in the industry is easy to clean and difficult to stain. We utilize modern glass designs which are light and designed with specialty coatings to present your products in their best light. The glass that we offer is ultra-clear and toughed to offer durability while presenting an almost invisible look. We want to ensure that every one of our display cabinets can be easy to clean as well.


We can create a number of organization trays and dividers for your display cabinet. Having the perfect pairing and arrangements for your product can make them more appealing and it can quickly draw the eyes through a display cabinet to feature products as well.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom display cabinets in Bangalore. We can help your business at point of sale with quality features that serve as focal points for your products and your brand.