Our journey began in 1996 with a small start but a grand vision of becoming India's largest display manufacturer. Armed with the knowledge and experience passed down by Mr. Patrick, the visionary and a refrigeration engineer who honed his skills abroad—who embarked on this venture at the extraordinary age of 14. Climaire was well-equipped to start a small manufacturing unit, assembling mithai showcases and refrigerated display counters and serving the city of Bangalore.

Very soon, Climaire became a well-known name in the sweet and bakery industry, renowned for its superior build quality, remarkable refrigeration and exceptional customer service. Our growing reputation soon allowed us to extend our reach across the nation, attracting customers from cities far and wide.

Today, Climaire has presence across India, and a global reach by exporting to numerous countries. As a pioneer in custom display manufacturing and a market leader in the industry, Climaire takes pride in saying that we have transformed the Mithai industry to an international level and achieved a global recognition.

Climaire has undergone an exceptional journey over the years, driven by one man's vision and values that were instilled in Climaire’s DNA and continue to guide Climaire forward.

With every step forward, we honor the incredible legacy of my father and look towards a future defined by innovation and excellence. Now, as I take on the mantle of this business, I remain inspired by his success and dedication, committed to upholding the standards and values that have made Climaire what it is today.


Why choose Climaire Inc??

As a company, we always guide our customers toward the best solutions. We share the wealth of experience we've gained over the years, providing you with the core industry knowledge needed to set up your shop. When it comes to display counters, we custom-make the finest ones available, and most importantly we always try our best to exceed your expectations.



Focused on innovation & design we strive to achieve highly superior quality with grace and elegance towards the outlook on all our showcases. Inspired by the Italians our designing team is dedicated towards creating highly sophisticated designs matching the international standards.



The interior plays a very big influence on the design of the showcase. We collaborate with world class architects and dive deep into the concept & design. Keeping in mind the authenticity and uniqueness, we mold our design and customize our showcases to create a masterpiece matching the interior.

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